Events: Party n Play

If you’re looking for Greeks, Greeks and more Greeks to party with, chill with and get to know this is the right place to come! Foster friendships, make memories, lose memories, wake up hungover, its what we do!

We gather paidia from all corners of Melbourne and turn our events into a mixing pot for all things amazing! Ask anyone Greek, they’ve been to a NUGAS event, and that’s saying something!

Networking: HACCI and AHEPA

A part of being at Uni (or of that age at least) is moving into the reality of the business world. We’re committed to connecting young Greeks with business mind sets to valuable mentors and the right organisations to help chase, grow and transform their passions!

We’ve hosted career breakfasts, gone to existing events together, and every now and again we get invited to party with the big boys at annual dinners and awards nights! The Greek community is full of successful, inspiring people who only want the same for every generation to come. Find your passion, find your mentor, make it BIG!


Greek School Outreach Program

All year round we’re busy organising visits and projects to collaborate with different Greek schools across Melbourne! It was an important experience for us, and is still today for so many young students and we want to contribute where we can! We want to connect the Greek school curriculum to the real world and pass on the inspiration for younger Greeks to get involved!

Til date we’ve worked with many schools including:
Agios Nikolaos (Yarraville) || Omiros College (Altona) || Protypo Greek Centre (Oakleigh) || Agio Vasilios (Brunswick) || St Andrew’s (Forest Hill)


It used to be a Wednesday’s thing… then we realised Wednesday’s are UNI PUB CRAWL NIGHTS, so we moved it to Tuesday’s! Catch us every week from 8-9pm delving into Greek-Australian curiosities, issues, news and hosting amazing guests from all over Melbourne (and beyond)!

Heck, you can get in touch for your chance to WIN BIG, CONTRIBUTE, or even COME ON IN! We’ve spent a LOT of time implementing new structure, ways of interacting and damn, we think its a good show!

Lectures and Interactive Seminars

Be it as individual clubs, or as NUGAS as a whole, we pride ourselves on popping out amazing and intriguing lectures for everyone to enjoy! Come join us and see! There will always be an inter-generational conversation waiting to happen and a table of SNACKS waiting to be demolished! OPA!

Hellenes in the Diaspora Series || Parthenon Marbles

NUGAS Publications

Either we like to rant, talk a lot of smack or like delve into the philosophies of life, because we’ve always got words in excess when it comes to our NUGAS publications and contributions! We love writing newsletters and additions to newspapers to give a brief overview of what’s happening in our world! #NUGASstyle


Engagement with Cultural Clubs

Through our past and present committees, projects have overlapped, worlds have merged and NUGAS has become very close to different cultural organisations and families across Melbourne! We’re engaged with and love to celebrate as many of their events as we can!

Cretan Brotherhood (Brunswick) || Pallaconian Brotherhood (Brunswick) || Cypriot Youth (Sunshine) ||

Community Events

It’s become tradition for NUGAS to attend and have a stall at our communities biggest events! We’re that important! We’re a staple at the Antipodes festival and act as a hub for all students - university or not! Wherever there isn’t a NUGAS tent, there is still always someone from NUGAS! We’re always out and about!
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