NUGAS BALL AFTER PARTY - SEPTEMBER 2019: Ms Collins is one naughty lady, and she showed us her all after the ball! We partied hard til 5am, made some noise our family in Greece could hear and made it home the next day! OPA!

NUGAS BALL - SEPTEMBER 2019: A little change of plan and a sinking pier saw us take out 900+ guests to a new venue - the Timber Yard in Port Melbourne. Lucky we didn’t stay at Peninsula because our zembekies and kefi would’ve rocked it that much quicker to its watery grave. What a night!

ROOFTOP POOL PARTY - MARCH 2019: We searched the city far and wide to bring you the ultimate summer party venue. Something that no other Greek organisation has ever delivered. Ladies and gentlemen it was our pleasure to launch the first ever Nugas Rooftop Pool Party!! That's right it's a rooftop AND a pool party 😍😍

DELPHI BANK NUGAS CUP - OCTOBER 2018: After 3 weeks of eating and drinking since the ball, it was time to get back into shape & earn some bragging rights! It was time to decide which uni could make it all the way to the top, to show who's the best in the world's most popular sport! ⚽🏅

NUGAS BALL - OCTOBER 2018: The much anticipated legendary event that's been on everyone's lips is returning bigger and better than ever, with over 1000 youth from all around Australia coming together for what is always everyone's night of the year!

NUGAS BALL AFTER PARTY - OCTOBER 2018: Immediately following the ball, go by chartered bus to the after-party venue to listen to the best Ellinika, RnB, House & Dance. 🤩

EASTER SUNDAY 2018 | CLUB 23 - APRIL 2018: The anticipated annual sell out event continues its tradition at one of Melbourne’s most exclusive and iconic venues CLUB 23!

WELCOME BACK DRINKS NIGHT - MAR 2018: Held at the European Bier Café, this event is a good chance for new NUGAS members to meet the committee as well as fellow NUGAS members and unwind after the start of university.

BOAT CRUISE - MAR 2018: Relax while you cruise around Melbourne looking at the sights, while listening to either RnB or Greek. 🏊‍♂️🚤

ALUMBRA | ΚΑΛΟΚΑΙΡΙ PARTY - FEB 2018: Situated at the end of Central Pier’s historic runway Alumbra is a destination venue to be discovered and explored, surrounded on three sides by water with 360-degree views of the Docklands precinct, Bolte Bridge and city skyline - making it the ultimate summer destination for this one off unique party.

XMAS NIGHT - DEC 2017: Melbournes #1 Superclub takes on Christmas night for an event like no other. Expect a fully decorated venue for this unique party with a sight and sound experience like no other, the most over-the-top music productions and outrageous performances. 🥳💪


Movie Night - AUGUST 2019: To celebrate the release of the latest film in The Fast and the Furious franchise, we’re getting together for a classic movie night! 🎥 🍿

AGM - APRIL 2019: All NUGAS Victoria members are invited to the 2019 NUGAS Victoria Annual General Meeting at the The Greek Centre. We will hold elections to form our new committee.

Greek National Day Parade 2019 - MARCH 2019: Like every year, NUGAS will be participating in the annual Greek Independence Day Parade at the Shrine of Remembrance.

NUGAS at the 2019 Antipodes Festival - FEBUARY 2019: Antipodes is the Greek Community of Melbourne's yearly cultural program for art, literary, theatre, music and film events. What a pleasure to be a part of!

AHEPA - NUGAS PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING BREAKFAST - JUNE 2018: Historically one of the most popular events on the calendar which includes an expert interactive panel discussion. This is coupled by networking opportunities with junior and senior professionals across a wide range of industries, as well as a Crown Signature Breakfast to kick start the morning in style. 👩‍🏫🔥

NUGAS SEMINAR SERIES - EXPLORING GREEK IDENTITY - MAY 2018: NUGAS hosts a series of three seminars with Professor Anastasios Tamis. We invite you to participate in a series of seminars to understand your understanding of modern and evolving Greek identity. 👨‍🏫